Terms and conditions for the 5 Day 10 Minute Declutter Challenge.

By joining the 5 Day 10 Minute Declutter Challenge you are agreeing to join in with an open min and the following terms:

You will be added to the jojoebi/Kaizen Revolution mailing list run by Jo Ebisujima to receive the challenge emails. You will also receive weekly newsletter and promotional materials, you may opt-out at any time. Opt-ing out before the challenge is completed will mean that you don’t receive all of the challenge materials.

The challenge may include giveaways and prizes as incentives to participate. Winners will be chosen by random from those who complete the challenges.

Challenges and Prizes are open to everyone who is a member of the 5 Day 10 Minute Declutter Challenge.

Members of the 5 Day 10 Minute Declutter Challenge do not have permission to share the materials, challenges or any other information about the challenge outside of the challenge group without permission from Jo Ebisujima or relevant participating member.

Photos posted by members in the group maybe used for promotional purposes. Due to the nature of the program, no photos will be used that contain any kind of personal identification or children.

Refunds will only be given once the challenge has been completed and the work has been done, if no progress or improvement has been made, I will happily refund you.