How To Keep Your Kids Entertained and Learning


Without being sucked into Pinterest for hours


Spending a truck full of cash on 'stuff'


Having to hire someone to keep them out of your hair

Imagine If...

Imagine If... You never have to hear those fatal words "Mom, I'm Boooorrrreeeed" (said in suitable high pitched, nails on blackboard, whiney voice) ever again.

Imagine If... You have to go and find your kids and remind them it's lunch time, rather than them binge eating the whole of the contents of the pantry in one day because they are boredom snacking

Imagine If... You could get on and do your work without being pestered and interrupted every 3 minutes because the kids are bored and instead they are occupied, busy and out of your hair.

Imagine If... You didn't have to try and entertain your kids through the holidays, they could do it themselves leaving you to get on and do what you need to do.

Imagine If... Your kids were learning and having fun, being creative and using their imagination and you didn't have to anything more than log into the Boredom Buster portal. (They can choose what to do, whilst you put your feet up and have a nice cuppa)

5 Reasons Why You Should Trust Me

I have been teaching and working with kids for almost all my adult life (I'll let you guess how long that is but let's round it a quarter century!) which means I know how kids tick.

I have been a curriculum and educational games developer working with both in-house and international publishers which means I know what kind of activities help kids develop better skills even when they think they are just having fun

I am Montessori trained and have raised my son the Montessori way so I understand the importance of open-ended activities and how they help kids to expand their imagination and release their creativity

I have written guest posts for many child related sites and magazines, including Action Pack, Montessori Now, Crafty Crow and Rhythm Of The Home all with an emphasis of learning whilst having fun

I love learning about new ways to teach, generate ideas, mixing learning with having fun, trying out new ideas, testing theories. Basically I do all the donkey work so you don't have to!


I want you to try ​Boredom Busters at my risk. Because I know it works but you don’t …yet!

If you aren’t 100% satisfied, and I mean even 1% unhappy, I want you to immediately return it. I mean it, I don’t want your money.

I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few bucks. So please, try Boredom Busters for 7 days (even though you will get everything as soon as you sign up, I am giving you 7 to be completely sure and utterly satisfied) I won’t take anything less!

So go ahead, buy now – you have plenty of time to go through everything and decide if this is the right fit for you. But you’ll never know unless you take a chance and invest in your kids.

What's Inside?

Inside you will find numerous short video challenges presented by an adorable kid (yes, I am biased but you will see for yourself!)

Each challenge is totally open ended allowing kids:

  • Not age specific from about 3 years and up, kids may need some assistance depending on their age and ability
  • Not gender specific, do it in a tutu, do it in football boots, do it in a tutu and football boots... As a female engineer I know it's important for kids to explore all aspects of learning, especially things that are traditionally for one gender or another.
  • No specific equipment, like MacGyver we want your kids to use what is on hand, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. You don't need to go and buy loads of extra stuff, use what you have on hand, get creative!
  • All the projects can be done alone, side by side or as a team. Do them as a family and build those family bonds or leave the kids to it as you get some work done.
  • Designed for imaginative thinking, there is no right or wrong way to complete the task. This allows for your child to get creative, test things out, use trial and error until they discover something that works for them. Sadly a skill that isn't encouraged in school these days.
What age group is this good for? +

It was designed for roughly 4 to 12 year olds, I say roughly because all kids are different, we have had older, teenage brothers get in on the act too. Two to four year olds could also do many of the challenges but would probably need some help.

What if my child is not creative? +

I believe all children can be creative and have an imagination to unlock but the problem these days is that they are rarely given the chance to truly be creative. They are often given restraints or rules to follow at school, paint a picture but it must be of a tree, write a story but it must follow these rules... even tradionally open ended toys such a Lego now have rules to follow (built the set by following the instructions)

I have nothing against kids learning to follow instructions and rules but on the other hand, it shouldn't be taken from their chance to be creative, explore ideas, try and test things, tinker, build, paint, make something fantastic and failure miserably. These are all IMPORTANT life skills that our kids are missing out on when they are not given the chance to create.

Do we need to buy anything else? (are there hidden costs like most apps?) +

Nope. Not only are the challenges open ended, you really don't need to buy anything special. As long as you have a supply of recycling bits and bobs, toilet roll middles, a cardboard box or two, sellotape, pens and paper, a craft box maybe. Just make use of what you already have. Of course you can always add things like modelling clay into the mix.

What happens when all the challenges are completed? +

Part of the beauty of Boredom Busters is that you can interpret the challenges in several different ways, so you could do the same challenge 10 times and still come up with 10 different outcomes.

We do encourage you to share your kids creations so that we can add them to the gallery and of course so you can share them to the world on social media (only if you are comfortable with that!)

What do you mean by open ended activities? +

Open ended means that the outcome depends on the person doing the challenge. There is no wrong or right way, we give a challenge with s few suggestions to get the brain cells ticking over then whatever comes out of it, is the result.

The process for open ended activities is just as important (if not more so) that the final result.

Will my kid be safe using Boredom Busters +

The content is house on a website, you will need to login to access it. There is no chat feature or forum so your child will not be able to engage with others which eliminates the worry of online predators.
We do suggest that you watch the short Boredom Buster video with your child, mainly so you know what is going on and you can talk about what they plan to do.

Inside the members portal...

It's Time To Let You Kids Have Fun and For You To Keep Your Sanity

(without reverting to guilt induced screen time)

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Or... you could just let the kids drive you nuts as you count down the days until they are out of there...