"Let's start with that nasty fridge! I KNOW you've been avoiding it"

Is This You?

  • You often find yourself taking the "sniff" test before feeding something to the kids?
  • You feel like you might as well just open up your wallet and light your hard-earned cash on fire while you're throwing away the food that went bad... every. single. week.
  • You open the fridge to the jumbo sized jar of pickles that you bought 3 months ago & haven't opened (it was on sale!) but then you realize you're completely out of milk and your toddler is demanding cereal
  • You know those biology classes were wasted in school because you have no idea what that fur-lined food is hidden on the top shelf
  • You have no clue how long to keep certain foods, (beyond the best before stamps). What and when will result in you hugging the toilet bowl

Ready To Make A Change?

  • To have organized fridge shelves so that food doesn't get wasted.
  • To discover how to store the food in the right way so that it keeps longer
  • To set up a system so that you know exactly what you are running short of before you run out.
  • To only eat quality fresh food, no more dodgy "let's hope it will be OK" meals
  • To put an end to constantly throwing away food that is out of date or gone bad

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Who Am I? (& why should you care?)

I am a terribly lazy housewife. There, I said it. It's true, I hate housework, I can think of a squillion and one things I'd rather be doing with my time BUT I also hate living in a mess and clutter drives me bonkers.

So I came up with systems and cheats to make housework as painless as possible and easy enough that even the most frustrating family members (you know who I'm talking about right 😉 ) can help keep the home in order.

I don't believe in 'blueprints' or one size fits all solutions, I do believe in finding ways to make life easy for our own individual homes and families.

Plus I am a BIG fan of baby steps - No all out crazy pants regimes from me!

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"My mother accidentally gave me food poisoning. She fed me baby carrots for a snack before Christmas dinner - but they had expired in June! I threw up for the next 24 hours."

Busy Philipps