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Custom Made Kaizen Cleaning Calendar

Kaizen 改善 :continuous change and improvement for the better

 Keep Your Cleaning Chaos Under Control

Using easy kaizen style, bite sized chunks

Finally a cleaning calendar that is designed to fit with YOUR Schedule

Make Your Home's Upkeep A No Brainer!
Download For Just $7

(usually $17)


Your Fully Customizable Kaizen Cleaning Calendar Includes:


+ 12 Monthly Kaizen Calendar Pages
+ Full Annual Cleaning Check List
+ Tutorial on how to get the most from the Kaizen Cleaning Calendar


Kaizen Cleaning Calendar $7Usually $17

Designed to be adaptable to YOUR schedule and YOUR lifestyle (no, one size fits all but fits badly blueprint here!)

You want a beautify home but struggle with the upkeep, the Kaizen Cleaning Calendar will make it much less of a struggle and your beautiful home will be closer to a reality.

Just fill it in to your schedule needs, pop the current month on the fridge and follow the plan. Simple!


Kaizen Cleaning Calendar $7Usually $17

"Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success."

Shiv Khera