Start 2017 - In With A Boom

For entrepreneur moms who want to get shit done,

reach their goals and be a rock star mom

in 90 days using the Kaizen Framework

I'm Jo Ebisujima. A Brit in Japan. A Montessorian. A Geek. A Bookworm. A Punk. And a Productivity Nerd.

I read productivity books for fun - so that you don't have to!

I love to help mamas like you, get organized at home, at work and in your head so that you have more time to do the stuff you love. Whether that be working on your business, hanging with the fam or binge watching GOT with a nice glass of wine!

I use a killer combo of out-of-the-box thinking, Montessori and the kaizen framework to set you up with a system that works with your unique family and situation. No one-size-fits-all blueprint here mam!

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Dec 28th

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What you will get from this mastermind

  • Support

    You will be with a group of supportive women who understand the problems of juggling life, work and home. So that you’ll have a safe environment where you can vent, bounce around ideas, ask for help and feedback and of course, celebrate the wins!

  • Goal Setting

    You will learn how to set goals that will set you up for success. How to break down even the biggest and scariest of jobs into bite sized pieces, so that even on the busiest days, with sick kids, snow days, and teacher training days,  you are still moving forward.

  • Get Shit Done

    With daily check-ins and accountability built it, you will get shit done. Using the Kaizen Framework so that you are always on track and hitting those mini goals that are leading to your big goal. Anyone can set a goal, but not everyone can reach it.

I can't quite express how much better and more empowered I feel. I have:
a) got things done
b) learned tools to get further things done and - maybe most importantly -
c) learned to live positively with the things that I haven't got done.

I feel like a "can do" person again and it's great.

Rachel Working Mom, Tokyo

I learned a lot from what others posted and also just from having a safe forum to share my reflections along the way. Having all these members with different experiences and backgrounds helps tremendously with problem solving and seeing things in a different light.

My biggest change was learning to take things in stride and not try to do everything at once!

Iluska Ikeda
Iluska Ikeda photographer and illustrator at Iluska Ikeda Studios