To have an amazing year just doesn’t happen by accident, yes you can make vision boards and set your manifesting goals but you need to take action to actually make the magic happen and sadly, that is where many people let themselves down.

  • You allow procrastination to take over, so you finish the day feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.
  • You play small, talk yourself out of going to the next step, then kick yourself for missed opportunities.
  • You often feel paralysed by everything you *need* to do and end up doing nothing
  • You feel like no-one understands why you are stuck and not doing more, making more.
  • You feel scattered and not really sure what you should be working on, so you do busy work instead of work that will move you forward.

If you are nodding to any of these, then this is just the thing for you…

In With A Boom Mastermind is for you if you are ready to step up to the plate, if you are sick of not getting where you want to be and you are looking for support and motivation to help you get to where you want to be.

You could be struggling to get traction in your business, maybe starting a new venture but doubting yourself (even though deep down you know it will rock), looking to add passive income to your current business, trying to write that bloody book that you have been procrastinating over.

Or maybe a more personal goal, getting your home under control once and for all, making 2016 a more organized and mindful or you have goals to set with the family to spend more time doing the stuff you love.

This Is What I Know You Need...

A cheer-leader, someone to hold your hand for the scary bits, lend you a shoulder when it feels too much, give you a boost up when you feel you are oh-so-close and of course someone to celebrate the wins with.

What my clients will tell you about joining In With A Boom

What You'll Get

  • Support

    You will be with a group of supportive women who understand the problems of juggling life, work and home. You’ll be in a safe environment where you can vent, bounce around ideas, ask for help and feedback and of course, celebrate the wins!

  • Goal Setting

    You will learn how to set goals that will set you up for success. How to break down even the biggest and scariest of jobs into bite sized pieces, so even on the busiest days, with sick kids, snow days, and teacher training days,  you are still moving forward.

  • Get Sh*t Done

    With daily check-ins and accountability built it, you will get shit done. And with Jo to guide you, sharing her tips and tricks, you will discover your blocks and the things stopping you from kicking ass and find ways to kick them to the curb so you can soar.

You are not just hear to clean up after everyone else, survive through the daily grind whilst wiping dinner off the wall and trying not to step on Lego bricks.


You are amazing, you have skills, knowledge, experience and passion by the bucketful. It's time to share your amazing self with the world and start turning those daydreams into reality.


Tomorrow never comes, your time is NOW

Be one of the 20 women who will make this year rock!

  • Learn how to plan out the steps needed to reach your goal, setting you up for success
  • Be kept accountable and form habits that will keep you on track
  • Review how you are going, is it working? Is it not? Then make adjustments if needed
  • Celebrate the wins, both big and small
  • Share your ideas and brainstorm in a safe, loving and supportive community
  • Learn new tricks and tips to keep you on task and moving forward
  • Allow your greatness to shine!

I’m Jo Ebisujima, AKA jojoebi and I help mainly moms to get themselves back on track, get organized and show them how to make learning fun with their kids. I run bootcamps, online courses and mastermind groups and had hundreds of people go through them. I’m unconventional, a problem solver, a rebel and kick ass motivator. I’m great at helping you get unstuck and figuring out what your next step is but I don’t leave you there, I help you take it.

If you are looking for a woo-woo coach to help you on your spiritual journey, then I am not for you. If you want someone to help you figure out what the problem, how to solve it and implement it, no messing around, straight in there, then I am your gal!

What Is In With A Boom?

  • A 3 month accountability & motivation program for mamas who want to make 2016 count!
  • A small group, limited to 20 amazing women
  • Includes monthly live calls
  • Daily check in for goals/tasks (Monday - Friday)
  • Private Facebook group to ask for help, brainstorm ideas, get feedback, let off steam and of course, celebrate the wins
  • Step by step guide on how to break down and plan out your goals so you are setting yourself up for success not failure
  • Surprise bonuses along the way
  • Access to my brain which is exploding with resources, ideas and information covering all kinds of aspects in the online biz world, from types of blog posts to write, social media tools, list building, building opt-ins and sales funnels, website building, auto responders and schedulers and everything in between. If I don’t know how to do it myself, you can bet I will have a resource or know of someone who can help!

Plus my support and help where you need. I’m somewhat of a geek and DIY pretty much everything and I’m happy to make you little techie videos to walk you through if it is something I can help you with. I’m not a tech wizard on every app or piece of software out there but I am happy to share whatever I know.

I have been working on online businesses since 2007, so I know a thing or two about how it works. And I have plenty of experience in different passive income/internet based business so I can help you if you get stuck setting things up.

I’m also a great cheerleader/arse kicker – I will motivate you and keep you on track but you have got to want it, all the pom-pom shaking and arse-kicking in the world won’t make an ounce of difference if your heart is not in it.

Ready To Make 2016 Your Best Year Ever?

Join the 3 month program and know that you will have daily accountability and solid goal setting sorted for the next 3 months


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When does the mastermind start? +

We kick off May 1st and run through until July 31st.

What is included in the upgrade plan? +

You get everything you in the program PLUS 3 hours 1:1 with Jo.
We will do the sessions over skype*, or in person if it's possible for us to meet up in real life!
Use the sessions to work on any sticking points, help with planning or brainstorming your ideas. How you use the time is up to you, book in for a 3 hour mega session or break it up and do 1 hour a month.

*Skype calls will be recorded and you will be sent a copy of the recording

How do I pay? +

We use PayPal for all transactions as it’s a secure method of payment. You can use your credit/debit card and don’t need sign up for a PayPal account unless you want to invest using the installment method.
Please note that if you are based in Japan you will be charge 8% VAT

What do I need? +

You will need to do the pre-mastermind homework so that you have clear goals set out for the duration of the mastermind. Access to the internet for the live calls and a Facebook account so you can use the private group (that’s where all the action will take place), plus some time set aside each week to get clear on your following weeks goals.

When will the live calls be? +

On a Wednesday 10am and/or 8pm JST. Much depends on the location of the masterminders in the group, once everyone is signed up, if another time/day works for the majority we will go with that.

How long is the mastermind for? +

3 months, we will kick off May 1st and wrap up on July 31st.

Why limited to only 20 people? +

I have run and been a member of masterminds before and from my experience a small group works best. With 15-20 people, even if a few drop out for whatever reason we will still have a strong group of go-getters in the mix. I also love that with this amount we will have a great variety of minds and experience.

Why is this a paid mastermind? +

Because I want you to succeed and if you have some skin in the game, you will be more motivated to get your moneys worth out of the group! Money is a great motivator, nearly as great as myself! I have joined free masterminds in the past, people drop out and there is not the same kind of commitment as there is when you are in a paid group, it really does make a huge difference. I want you to be committed, I want you to succeed.

Will you be running the mastermind again later in the year? +

Maybe. I really enjoyed running the first one earlier this year and I hope that this round will be equally successful, whether I will run another this year, I'm just not sure yet.

Do I have to be a mom? +

Nope! To be honest, the majority of my tribe are moms and being a mom and juggling a business requires some special skills, but if you don't have kids, that is cool but do expect talk of how to handle sick days, school holidays and other kid related issues, in with the mix.

Do you offer a refund? +

No, sorry. Due to the nature of the program refunds are not available.

Doors Close April 26th


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We value your privacy and would never spam you

I can't quite express how much better and more empowered I feel. I have:
a) got things done
b) learned tools to get further things done and - maybe most importantly -
c) learned to live positively with the things that I haven't got done.

I feel like a "can do" person again and it's great.

Rachel Working Mom, Tokyo

I learned a lot from what others posted and also just from having a safe forum to share my reflections along the way. Having all these members with different experiences and backgrounds helps tremendously with problem solving and seeing things in a different light.

My biggest change was learning to take things in stride and not try to do everything at once!

Iluska Ikeda
Iluska Ikeda photographer and illustrator at Iluska Ikeda Studios

Before I join IWAB I was unsure of where to go with my freelancing.

Whether or not I was going to be able to make it.

Now, I feel a lot more confident that I will be able to get where I need to go - whether it's working for myself  or getting the right job that pays well enough.

Kath O'Malley
Kath O'Malley

A lightbulb moment for me was realising that writing down figures and numbers was so useful. I hadn't realised the effect that I could have on my followers/fans/website views with a little work.

And now I've got more of a routine going and have realised the things that are most important to me, and what kind of balance I need in my life to make me happiest.

Di Mom and Blogger at

The biggest a-ha! for me has been a much clearer understanding of how I use my time.
I have realized that I tend to take on too much, be overly optimistic about how much I can get done in a certain amount of time, and expect too much of "future me" (a dangerous combination!).
Just realizing this has made me more careful about what I say yes to, and I'm getting better at incorporating more wriggle room into my plans and front loading the work where possible.

Sarah Mom and Translator

Don't Let Another Year Pass You By!

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