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I’m Jo Ebisujima, AKA jojoebi and I help mainly moms to get themselves back on track, get organized and show them how to make learning fun with their kids. I run bootcamps, online courses and mastermind groups and had hundreds of people go through them. I’m unconventional, a problem solver, a rebel and kick ass motivator. I’m great at helping you get unstuck and figuring out what your next step is but I don’t leave you there, I help you take it.

I'm one of those people who will say things like, "Hmm I think I'll write a book." Then get it written, edited and published and hitting the number one spot for it's category on Amazon, all within 6 months (true story!)

If you are looking for a woo-woo coach to help you on your spiritual journey, then I am not for you. If you want someone to help you figure out what the problem, how to solve it and implement it, no messing around, straight in there, then I am your gal!