Do you want to have cupboards even Martha Stewart would be envious of?

All in as little as 30 minutes a day without drowning under a mountain of Tupperware or calling in the National Guard.

Kaizen Kitchen Bootcamp

Decluttering Kitchens One Drawer At A Time!

Ready to calm the chaos, clear the clutter and start enjoying your kitchen again?


7 Days

A kick-ass community

A dedicated cheerleader

And a whole lot of fun

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  • Remove all the clutter and junk from your kitchen so that it is the room you LOVE!
  • Organize your cupboards so that you don't suffer an injury whilst fighting the Tupperware avalanche or battling to get out a saucepan
  • Set your kitchen up so that you can find what you want, when you need it - quickly and easily
  • Remove the kitchen shame so that when friends come to visit so that you can invite them in without stress or embarressment
  • Save money by having a system where food doesn't get wasted and thrown away

6 Years Of Kitchen Bootcamp & Still Going Strong

Next Round Starts March 19th

Who Is jojoebi?

I'm an organizer, a fun maker, a creative, an educator and a geek.

I thrive on finding the easiest and most efficient way of doing things, I have read more productivity books that you could shake a stick at and I LOVE helping moms to get their shiz together.

Why? Because I have witnessed the change in the mom and her family when mom finally gets it together. The family bonds are stronger, the stress disappears and there is a lot more fun!
A happy mom means a happy home.

What previous Bootcampers Have To Say...

I love seeing it so clean! My husband opened the fridge for the first time yesterday and said "WOW" it's so clean! Let's keep it this way!


I keep opening the fridge to have a peep at my handiwork, probably not a good idea for keeping the cold in, but I can't help myself!


I can't thank this community and Jo enough! I've never had so much fun cleaning. Not to mention motivated by seeing everyone else's photos.
On a separate note, I've noticed that I feel like I have more time than before. Nothing has changed in terms of schedule, but for some reason, the clean kitchen makes me more calm or happy or what not...
Amazing what getting rid of trash does for the soul!


I love Kitchen Bootcamp and Clear The Clutter, it has made my life so much easier to keep on top of everything. The first time I did Bootcamp it took me a while to do each mission, now I fly through them. Thank you Jo, you are an angel!


I admit it, I was sceptical about this Kitchen Bootcamp thing, but my best friend raved about it, so I thought I would give it a go.
I can't believe the difference, my kitchen looks awesome, my husband has been gushing with compliments and even the kids noticed. I can't wait to start Clear The Clutter now and tackle the rest of the house with as much gusto!

Sarah J

Even though I'm a member of Clear The Clutter, I still really enjoy the Kitchen Bootcamp. I don't use Facebook much, the exception each year is the Bootcamp, I can't help myself, I love seeing everyone's before and after pictures!


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"The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part.
It evokes memories of your family history." 

~Debi Mazar ">