• Do you want to make your own 3 part cards but struggle with the tech?
  • Do you find it difficult to find quality cards for the subjects your child is interested in?
  • Is money tight so you want to make the cards yourself ?

If you said yes to any of the above then this FREE program is for you!

It's all Free and Easy

I will walk you through how to decide on the content for your cards, how to source the images and how to set up a template so making three part cards is easy. There is no charge, no fees, no software to buy, you can do all this quickly and easily only costing you a little time.

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What Do I Need? +

The program is delivered in video format and there are a couple of PDFs for you to print out too.
All the software is free and available on the net, no need to download anything.
To physically make the cards you will need scissors, a printer, paper/card and maybe a laminator.

Why Use 3 Part Cards? +

A prepared Montessori environment has a good selection of 3 part cards to enrich the child’s vocabulary. They can be used in all areas from language to biology to geography and the arts. The cards also have a control of error built in so a child can use them independently. The work well will non readers, emergent readers and those who have mastered reading.
Plus the great thing about making your own is that you can truly “follow the child” making cards that fit with your child’s current passions

Why Not Just Buy A PDF? +

I am all for buying pre-made cards (I sell them myself here). And I do purchase them, especially if I’m pushed for time and my son needs the information yesterday!
But, there are times when you can’t find good quality cards that suit your needs or money is tight and you’d rather save it to go towards a key piece of equipment. Or maybe, like me, you enjoy making them yourself.

When Can I Start? +

Now! Just sign up below to register and get access to the program materials.

How Much Does The Program Cost? +

Nothing, nada, zip, it’s absolutely free. I may charge for it in the future but right now, for you, today it won’t cost you anything. PLUS… you will get the weekly MOC Playbook: What MacGyver Would Do If He Had Kids, my weekly newsletter where I share my top tips and freebies.

What If I’m Not Good At Techie Stuff? +

No problem! I walk you through, step by step. The software is easy to use and I show you exactly how to do each and every step so you can set up a template that you can use over and over again – saving you even more time!
I do use a Mac so the only issues maybe a difference in commands if you use a PC but I am certain you will be able to do this!