How To Take Control Of The Chaos At Home,
With Your Kids And In Your Head
Even If You Are Sleep Deprived and Can't Take Pee Without An Audience

While doing the usual jobs like cleaning, cooking and feeding
You can ditch the apron, the feather duster and sippy cup
Being a crap mom, hiring a nanny or a full time cleaning crew

92% of working moms and 89% of stay-at-home mothers report feeling overwhelmed by work, home and parenting responsibilities

Are you one of the over worked and under appreciated,
worn out mamas?


Maybe you're a SAHM with a burning desire to do more with your day, write a book, start a blog, start a business, get a six pack (abs not beer!) or start a social club


Maybe you have your own business, following your passion and you are ready to take it up a notch, bring in more income and get better known in your industry


Maybe you have a career that you love and a job that rocks, that fills you up intellectually and checks all the boxes in the 'what do you want to be when you grow up' survey

You know waiting to fix the problems are just going to end in disaster

You need to deal with it now, before it gets worse


5 mind-boggling ways that society wants you to believe that this is the way it's supposed to be.


  1. They often portray women who 'have it all' as being beautiful, coiffured and well turned out. When the reality is that they are models or the super rich who have 74 assistants to do all the donkey work.
  2. They tell us we are winning the war on Women's Rights, yet women are still on average paid less than men and have more responsibilities and spend more hours working in one capacity or another
  3. They feed us social media posts showing the 'perfect moms', the ones who pull off amazing Pinterest crafts whilst whipping up delicious gluten free, paleo cheesecake and homeschooling their 8 kids, yet rarely show the 'behind the scene shots'
  4. They tell you that if you voice your opinion about being exhausted or fed up you'll get labelled as a Debbie Downer and offered anti-depressants by the Doctor.
  5. They make you feel stupid for not understanding the kids school curriculum and guilty for not giving the kids everything, from ballet lessons to the latest iphone.

It is a horrible, depressing time for moms.

You and only you can put your foot down and say no to this shit. You can make the change.


Your family NEED you to be the best mom you can be, the fun loving, smart, caring, cuddly, happy mom. There is no reason to put it off, you should start NOW...

It doesn't matter what you do:

SAHM, WAHM, part time work or full on career mom. You can enjoy your career choice and still have a great family life.

It doesn't matter what kind of home you live in:

They all come in different shapes and sizes, you can have a home that fits your needs for where you and your family are right now.

It doesn't matter where in the world you are:

Thanks to this wonderful thing called the internet, you can now connect with like minded mamas from all four corners of the world. It makes no difference if you are an ex-pat in Japan, a teacher in the US, a crafter in Germany or a nurse in New Zealand. As moms we unite.

It doesn't matter how much time you've got:

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it's how you decide to use them that is important. But that old adage that "Kids grow up so fast" is 100% true, there really is no time like the present


It doesn't matter what parenting style you choose:

There are so many different ways to raise kids, and so many variables to bring into account, that really non of us know how it's all going to turn out in the end. Now we have more information that ever to help us raise our kids in the best way possible.


LIZARD BRAIN THOUGHT #1: "I should be doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning, ______ (fill in your own blank)

LIZARD BRAIN THOUGHT #2: "I should be able to do it all. My friend has it all together and she's got 6 kids and Etsy shop and a husband who works away, why can't I be like her?"

LIZARD BRAIN THOUGHT #3: "If I buy something for me then I'll feel bad not spending it on... the kids, the house, the car..." "I'll treat myself to a Starbucks because a cup of coffee"

LIZARD BRAIN THOUGHT #4: "I really am a terrible mom, I use the TV as a babysitter and order take-out when I can't be arsed to cook"

LIZARD BRAIN THOUGHT #5: Mom fail number 3426, I let me child eat dirt, scribble on the wall, pee in the park, _____ and forgot to make the dentist appointment, pack lunch, brush his hair,  _________ (fill in the blanks)

Let me tell you something. This mama guilt sucks but it's not your fault!

We are inundated with what the perfect mom should be, should look like, should behave, should do. Advertisers love it, so do magazine and TV shows, they want you to fail so they can keep selling you the quick fixes.

 5 so called experts to be wary of

Take their advice with a pinch of salt

The Social Media Mom: Bombards you with beautiful styled photos of their perfect kids and stunning living room. Seeing is believing and if they never show behind the scenes then how can you believe what they are showing is true?

The Arts & Crafts Super Mom: Shares loads of great kids craft ideas and seems to be churning them out 50 a day, oh what fun! Do you have any idea how much time craft bloggers spend doing their crafty posts? It's the same as a full time job, unless you are in the same market, you shouldn't be trying to do the same.

The Famous Mom: Do you do all your own shopping, cleaning, childcare & cooking? Thought not, so don't be telling us every day folk how easy it is to have it all together when you have a team to change nappies and pour your coffee.

The I Do It All Mom: You know the ones, they run the PTA, are soccer moms, do crafts with the kids, kumon and ballet which managing to go to the gym 3 times a week, cook everything from scratch and hold down a full time job. This is the walking time bomb mom, no-one can sustain all that without imploding.

I'm not actually a mom, mom: The one who tells you how you are parenting all wrong and what you should be doing instead. They have never had a child but when they were 15 they babysat their cousin once. They do have fur babies though and that's basically the same thing, right?

Enter me: stage right...

The non-nonsense, no BS, every day mom, who is in the trenches with you, armed with organizing super-powers and a truck load of experience.


I'm Jo & I'm a creator, and educator, a fun maker and a bit of a geek

I have been teaching both kids and adults pretty much all my adult life (I'll let you guess how long that is, hint: it's more than 20!) I have an inert knack of breaking things down into easy-peasy baby-steps which is why I rarely get overwhelmed and makes me an exceptionally fab teacher - yes even if I do say so myself!

I answered hundreds of questions, helping moms pin-point their problems and fixing them.

When I started my blog almost 10 years ago I would get many comments and emails from readers, after a while, I started to see a pattern. Many of these moms desperately wanted to do the fun activities and have time to be creative but they were struggling with overwhelm and just getting through the day felt like a major achievement.

I have no team:

I have a family, run my own business, I write and have an Etsy shop. I don't have a cleaner, chef or gardener, not even a Mother-in-law to help. For work I do have a VA who does a few hours for me and a tax accountant, everything else, I do on my own. So I know exactly what it's like to be juggling everything at once.

I am addicted:

I have this underlying compulsion to try and find the most effortless and time efficient way to get a job done. When you are living in the boonies in Japan, with no family support and a husband who works a squillion hours a week, saving time is high priority.  Despite this I have:

  • Written a best selling Montessori book
  • Been a regular guest contributor to a top UK selling magazine
  • Written several ebooks
  • Created and sold different 5 online programs (plus a couple of free ones)
  • Helped hundreds of moms take control and get back on track
  • Contributed to too many websites and blogs to count
  • Have a popular blog that's been going for almost 10 years

I am extremely creative:

I love nothing more than a creative challenge, whether it be how to fix up an area in a room to make it more kid friendly, to cracking open the craft box with the boy. I'm like the love child of MacGyver and Martha Stewart. What ever the problem, my out of the box thinking will come up with a solution.

5 ways on how your life is going to rock

Your Rock Star Mom Life: Morning are easy. There is no stress, the kids are well fed and off to school on time and you start the day with a spring in your step.

Your Rock Star Mom Life: Your kids are more independent, they can get what they need, when they need it, freeing time up for you to enjoy a cuppa and indulge in a bit of "me time"

Your Rock Star Mom Life: Your home is easy to clean and takes minimal time. You can whizz round and still have plenty of time for cuddles on the sofa

Your Rock Star Mom Life: You are enjoying your hobby, spending time on it regularly feel great that you can be creative when the mood strikes you

Your Rock Star Mom Life: You have time to do all those fun activities and idea that you have pinned on Pinterest, you feel more connected with the kids, life feels good.

You are 9 modules away from taking control of your home, your kids and yourself so that you can have more time and more fun in your life

My Organized Chaos is the ultimate program designed to help mamas get back on their feet and get everything under control so that you have time to do all the fun things!

You know, like putting your feet up without feeling guilty, spending time playing with the kids rather than nagging them to clean up and taking time out to spend with the girls, line dancing, playing bingo, painting or whatever it that makes your heart sing.

After years of helping busy moms, I know one of the biggest problems is getting the home, kids and yourself organized.

The My Organized Chaos Program encompasses all that, you learn how to put yourself first (hey there's a novel idea!), how to set up the home so the kids are more independent (more time for you - see, I'm not daft!) and how to help the kids fall in love with learning, using my ninja Montessori skills and tricks!

Ready To Get Yourself, Your Kids and Your Home Organized
for a happier more fun loving time?

Everything In It's Place

Not enjoying the time you have with your kids is often down to a feeling of not having enough time, yet we waste so much time looking for lost items and having to clean and tidy.

You will:

• Have time for your own goals and dreams because you are important too

• Make clean up with the kids a painless process and cut down on the nagging

• Teach your family that everything has a home making everyone's life easier

A Plan Of Action

Being disorganized is not only an inefficient use of time but it also increases your stress levels, which has the knock on effect of you being short-tempered with the kids.

You will:

• Organize your day so that it is working for you not against you

• Plan activities so they rock not flop, so you are no longer wasting time

• Set up a command centre so that your home runs more smoothly

Help Me Do It Myself

One of the key principles in Montessori is to help a child do things by themselves, with an independent child you will find you will have more free time.

You will:

• Ditch the ‘guilty mama’ negative talk so you will feel good about being a mama

• Understand “Follow the child” & how to implement it so you are giving your child what he/she needs when he/she needs it

• Set up your home for maximum independence for your child so they can do things for themselves, freeing up time for you

The Family Rhythm

Being aware of the rhythm of the family can have a huge impact, cut down on fights and bickering and allow for more quality time together.

You will:

• Carve out ‘me time’, so you are a happy mama, a happy mama means a happy home

• Set up a reading nook so that your kids have somewhere for quiet time

• Pay attention to your child’s rhythms and cycles so you can focus on what they really need not what you think they need

Food Is Fuel

A well nourished family will thrive but often meal times and cooking is just another job for mom and another battle to deal with.

You will:

• Get the kids involved in the kitchen so they learn practical life skills

• Set up a snack station (with control) so you have one less job to do

• Make meal planning work for you and your specific situation (I don’t believe in one size fits all solutions) so you have more headspace for more important things

Happy At Work

It’s so easy to fall into that endless cycle of “Woe is me, my life sucks” but you know, if you don’t change anything you’ll be stuck in that cycle forever, how depressing is that?

You will:

• Use simple tricks to get out of the negative mindset so you become productive and better focused

• Bring the element of fun back into the family home so that you create stronger connections

• Set up a work station so that your kids can enjoy ‘working’ and learning becomes a positive experience

Communication Is Key

When you have a communication breakdown and the kids (and partner) stop listening and you end up frustrated it can quickly spin out of control.

You will:

• Bring the ‘zing’ back into the relationship with your partner so you work better as a couple

• Bring mindful parenting techniques into your home to prevent stubborn head-butting

• Use my special Ninja Pow-Wow tool to get the family helping more around the home so that you're not resentful being left with all the jobs to do

Shake It Baby!

Movement is important for our body, minds and souls and we should aim to do a little bit everyday.

You will:

• Start getting movement back into your routine so that you feel healthier and stronger

• Discover how to use different types of movement to aid you child's development

• Clear the crap and clutter out so you have better energy at home

Being A Rock Star Mom!

Implementation is the key and being flexible enough to make changes where and when you need them. Life has a habit of throwing you curveballs making you fall off the wagon.

You will:

• Stay on top of things and how discover how to get back on the wagon when you fall off so that it doesn't totally derail you

• Encourage imaginative play to help your child build their creativity so that they become better problem solvers

• Put together emergency boxes so you are prepared no matter what life throws at you

And because I know parenting means so much more, I have some great bonuses to help with those other areas too...

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed, you go downstairs and pop on the kettle. You have a family breakfast, talk about the most exciting things that happened at school yesterday and what your plans for today are.

The kids help clear the table before getting ready for school, bags organized, ready to go. Everyone is out of the door on time and you haven't had to nag or raise your voice once. 

You know what you are cooking for dinner, you whiz around and do a few house jobs and then you have the day to do as you please. Everything is under control, the house looks good and you are ready to take on the world.


It's Time To Take Action

I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to complete the course and that it would be just something else that I signed up for that took more time than I had.

I'm also not a naturally organized person and kind of fear really organized folks (that they'll look down on me and my messy life!).

I really enjoyed the way that the course was laid out based on a child's activities or family routines so you can organize that one area and see results immediately without having to completely overhaul your whole house or way of life in one sitting.

Megan Hof
Megan Hof Megan Hof Photography
How Do I Pay? +

I use Paypal for all transactions because it is a secure system and I want your financial transaction to be safe. You can invest using your credit/debit card and just using Paypal as the security provider.

If you choose the installment plan you will be charge the same amount each month.

Is This The Right Place For Me? +

I believe in communities of women building each other up, helping each other and being strong in whatever we do. If you are a Whingebag Winnie or Negative Nancy or the think that your situation is all somebody else's doing and are not able to pull on the big girl pants and take responsibility for yourself, then our tequila slamming VIP lounge is not for you! If on the other hand, you are happy to pitch in, share your inspiration with others and do the work to get your own shit organized, then my friend, pass the salt and lemon*
*Alcohol is not a compulsory component of My Organized Chaos but we find it helps on occasion!

What Do I Need? +

Internet connection! There are also PDF's to download and print, if you wish. Plus many of the lessons are in audio and video format, take your pick to which format you prefer. The VIP lounge is a private Facebook group, we'd love to have you there.

How is this different to other programs out there? +

To begin with, it's run by me! You know I will be bring my unique skills to the table and to my knowledge I haven't been cloned! Also, many other courses out there harp on about 'life balance' - you know what, 'life balance' is b******s, it doesn't exist, it's a fairy tale that they are selling you. At no one point are you giving equal focus and attention to each part of your life, it's impossible, so let's quit the BS and work towards 'life flow' and ditch this ridiculous notion of balance.


I understand that as your kids grow, you need to tweak and change your home to suit their need, which is why you can com back at anytime and dive into the content again.

Is this suitable for my family? +

I don't believe in one size fits all, you use the content to fit YOUR families needs. All families are unique and what works for one might not work for another. This is why I encourage you to set up YOUR unique home to YOUR unique family.
Most of the content is aimed at kids at elementary school and younger as this is the time that moms usually struggle the most.

The most beneficial thing that I have received from My Organized Chaos is that I can actually be organized and the amount of time I put into following the suggestions in the course, has added to more quality time that I can spend with my children.


I liked the daily, weekly and yearly scheduling. I also liked planning things to do with my children... My kids do extra curricular activities (different activities for each child, so it's difficult to co-ordinate their schedules) and it's difficult to find time to do projects together.

But I found, using the planners and thought and prepared in advance about what I wanted to do, we could do things when we had free time.

Michi Takada-Abe

I'm really enjoying how the course is laid out based on a child's activities or family routines so that you can organize that one area and see result immediately, without having to completely overhaul your whole house or way of life in one sitting.


I'm a grandmother that babysits for my grandchildren. I didn't know if the course would be applicable or if I would fit into the group. I liked the openness and willingness to share that takes place in the members group and I love the pictures everybody shares, they really help to share ideas

Noney Honey aka Kathy

I was unsure that I would have enough time and that completing one task would mean having to organize a lot of other spaces in the house first but it didn't work out like that. The art space I set up for the kids has been a big hit.

Diane Aoto

All of the ideas are simple and practical so they don't require a huge monetary investment to implement. They can also be done bit-by-bit as you have the time - great for busy parents! The more the kids can do on their own the less we (the adults) have to do for them.

Heidi Emoto

I have started looking at things from a 3 and 4 year olds perspective. What would be fun? Is that manageable and/or realistic? Even simple stuff like "Can I reach that easily"?

Katy Aramaki

Having systems in place are fantastic for me, my kids and my DH. My kids are often telling daddy that something doesn't go where he put it and showing him where it goes instead. I can't recommend MOC enough!


Both my boys (aged 4 and 1) have become better at putting away their toys by themselves. K (4) has spent more time than usual working independently on writing and drawing activities. I love it.


The Kids Are Growing Up Fast
It's Time To Take Action
Don't be left with regrets

Be The Change You Want To See