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This is where you will find all the resources, PDF printables, book recommendations, app links, website links etc. Anything that I keep in my arsenal that I think will be helpful for you!


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Websites & Blogs



How To Google
Learn neat googling tips!

Learning page (sign up for access)
Great printables

Great for learning to read

Reading Eggs
Again popular for reading

Khan Academy
Structured math & coding program

Let’s Explore
Lots of ideas for creating and playing

Animal Diversity
All about animals

Sew Liberated
Meg was my Montessori mentor!
Bio Kids
Animal science
Bug Guide
All about bugs!
Playing By The Book
Book reviewer
Energy Quest
Learn about energy
BBC Science
For older kids
Science projects for kids
For school aged kids mostly
Amazing Space
all about Space
The Science Mommy
Some good experiments


Artful Parent
Jean shares her arty activities

Google Art Project
Thousands of pieces of art on display

Deep Space Sparkle
Patty is an art teacher full of ideas!

Picasso Head
Create Your own Picasso portraits

NGA Kids
National Gallery Of Art Kids

The Renaissance Connection
Art explorer, innovation, lesson plans


The Crafty Crow
Look for crafts by age or topic

Red Ted Art
Art and craft ideas

Lots of themed activities

Made By Joel
Stylish mod printables

Mini Eco
Cute & fun paper crafts

Experiments and crafts



Action Pack
Activities for school aged kids
Alphabet Glue
All kinds of activities
Big Kids Magazine
Creative Arty Mag
NG Kids Magazine
National Geographic (lots of ads)
Play Grow Learn

Fun stories, puzzles etc.

Rhythm Of The Home
Natural, Waldorf style Parenting


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