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  • Are you new to Montessori, keen to learn more but feel overwhelmed by the insane about of info out there?
  • Have you been trying to implement Montessori at home but are struggling to make it work? You know it's the right philosophy for you, but you don't know where you are going wrong?
  • Do you have a child in Montessori school that you want to support at home but you haven't a clue if you are helping or hurting what he or she is learning in school?

If you said yes to any of the above

Then You Are In The Right Place !

In this workshop we will cover:

The 3 most important aspects you need to know about Montessori

  • The difference between the Montessori home and the Montessori classroom and what that means for you
  • How you can get started today without specialized equipment or a full year of training
  • The fundamental philosophies that Montessori education is built on ... these are KEY to implementing the ideas and activities


We will introduce you to The Montessori Crash Course Program so you can decide if it is the next step you need to help you and your kids on their Montessori journey.

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Who Are We?

I’m Jo Ebisujima author of Montessori Inspired Activities For Pre-Schoolers. And I was where you are 11 years ago.
I was desperate to learn more about Montessori, I had limited time and funds, lived in a tiny apartment in Japan (so limited space too) and we had no Montessori school nearby. I was on my own but knew deep in my heart that Montessori was right for my family. So I took Montessori training, taught for a while in a bilingual Montessori school that opened not long after and also wrote the best selling book Montessori Inspired Activities For Pre-Schoolers

And this is Deb Chitwood. She is highly qualified in the Montessori and Early Childhood Education field with bachelors and masters degrees and numerous Montessori certifications.
She taught at Montessori schools before opening her own school in 1980 and she also homeschooled her own children through high school.
With all that experience and education, what Deb doesn’t know probably isn’t worth knowing! You will know her from blog Living Montessori Now.