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CTC Do It Quick Training & Toolkit?

What You Weren't Taught At School!

The majority of my clients say that getting started is always the hardest part! By using the Do It Quick methods, getting started is easy and you will also learn the tips and tricks to staying on top of it all and getting the family on board.

We don't get taught about home management at school and when you become a mom you are suddenly expected to know how to do it all. If you feel like you constantly have all the balls in the air and know one hiccup will bring it all crashing down, then this is for you.

Busy moms need easy to apply methods that work!

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How To Stop Yo-Yo Decluttering

Most de-cluttering help out there give you practical advice, fill up a bag a day, do one shelf at a time, set up a donation box etc. All great advice that can be applied but why do you follow these steps and yet, two weeks later your house is full of crap again?

It isn't just about decluttering, it's about breaking the cycle so that you stop bring clutter back in. What is the point of chucking out 15 bags of crap if, by the following month you allow 10 bags of junk back in?

Use these techniques in the CTC toolkit to break the yo-yo decluttering habit for once and for all.

Regular Price $27


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