Finish the year with a bang!!

Create more time & be more productive using Kaizen Hacks in just 5 days

Has 2016 sucked worse than a broken vacuum cleaner? Are you ready to see the back of this year and start afresh in 2017 BUT you still have December to get through?

I know this month you are as busy as a mosquito at a nudist colony

Which is why I can help you make it to the end of the year with your marbles still intact and your hair not quite grey!

Hi! I'm Jo Ebisujima, and I'm a rock star at getting stuff done, I know how to make thing happen and to cut the crap so that it happens fast.

I also have a confession... I'm a productivity junkie, I split test everything to figure out which is the most time efficient and easy way of doing things!

And because it's the season of goodwill and all the jazz, I'm here to help you, so that you can spend the holiday season calm and collected, enjoying the special moments rather than running around like a headless turkey with several to-do lists exploding from your wazoo!

I'll use my Kaizen Hacks and butt kicking super-powers to get you into a state of organized zen

  • Remove The Noise

    Get the noise out of your head so that you can think straight, focus on what is important and make decisions quickly and easily. Reducing Decision Fatigue (yes, that is a thing!) and stress.

  • Become Time Concious

    Become aware of where you are are not using your time efficiently so that you can change your habits and spend more time on the important stuff – working on you biz and snuggling on the sofa with the family

  • Tiny Tweaks

    Learn the power of the tiny tweak, how tiny changes can make a huge impact so that you can create the kind of day you journal about! Making your day easier and drama free which in turn makes you happier and more content!

Are You In For The 5 Day Challenge?

We start on December 5th. You will get an email each day with the challenge for the day, I'll be hanging out live on Facebook to help you out, cheer you on and keep you accountable so that you get the best results.

ALL the challenges are quick and easy to do, you will need 10 minutes a day.

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