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Fall in love with your kitchen again.

  • Do you get frustrated and annoyed each time you cook because things are in the way or difficult to find?
  • Are you starting to avoid your kitchen because you hate the overflowing drawers?
  • Do you swear you will kill someone the next time the Tupperware avalanche spews all over the floor?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then the 7 Day Ultimate Kitchen Bootcamp is for YOU! (And’s it FREE)

In 7 short days you will have your kitchen back all spick and span.

You will have an inward smile every time you open a tidy drawer or cupboard.

  • You will find it easy to find what you need, when you need it.
  • You will enjoy cooking again because it is now longer a chore.
  • And you will finally get that tupperware mountain under control!

Ready To Reclaim Your Kitchen?

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How Does It Work?

Sign up and each day for a week you will get a “mission” with a section of your kitchen to tackle. It’s all broken down into bite sized jobs so you can be sure of success!


You get to join the bootcamp community, yep an amazing community of women who are reclaiming their kitchen, sharing their kitchen finds and bragging about their achievements!

Who is Jojoebi

Jojoebi (Jo) is a creator, an educator, a fun maker and a geek. She is on a mission to help you organize your kids, your home and yourself so that you have ample time leftover to do the things you love.

“If Macguyver and Martha steward had a love child, it would be me.” Jo.

What the bootcampers have to say… .

I love seeing it so clean! My husband opened the fridge for the first time yesterday and said “WOW” it’s so clean! Let’s keep it this way! ~ Jennifer.

I keep opening the fridge to have a peep at my handiwork, probably not a good idea for keeping the cold in, but I can’t help myself! ~ Claire.

Every time I look in my pantry, I smile ~ Laura.

bootcamp before and after

I can’t thank this community and Jo enough! I’ve never had so much fun cleaning. Not to mention motivated by seeing everyone else’s photos.
On a separate note, I’ve noticed that I feel like I have more time than before. Nothing has changed in terms of schedule, but for some reason, the clean kitchen makes me more calm or happy or what not…
Amazing what getting rid of trash does for the soul! ~ Tina.


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